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Park Theater - In the heart of downtown High Prairie, Park Theatre brings you Hollywood's latest and greatest movies on one of the finest digital screen and sound systems in Canada.

Not to mention that they have the best popcorn and friendliest staff, they make your movie-going experience one you will be back for again and again.

High Prairie Municipal Library - The High Prairie Municipal Library provides a wide variety of library materials and services to meet the needs for information, recreation, education and culture for all segments of the community in cooperation with other resources and libraries.

High Prairie and District Museum – Located on 53rd Ave of High Prairie its multi-cultured ideas and history are sure to inspire and educate. The new art gallery hosts a new artist every so often, so be sure to keep yourself up-to-date with the High Prairie and District Museum. 780-523-2601

Performing Arts Auditorium – Located at 5413 -49th Street in the Gordon Buchanan Centre Performing Arts Auditorium has seating to accommodate 269 people.  It is used to host local school plays, several dance classes and recitals, and is fully equipped with a large drop- down screen, surround sound, and audio system, which are ideal for video or power-point presentations.

Native Cultural Arts Museum Grouard - The Native Cultural Arts Museum is a part of Northern Lakes College (NLC) and is located in the Moosehorn Lodge, at NLC's Grouard Campus in Northern Alberta.  When the museum was established in 1976, it was affiliated with the Native Cultural Arts and Design Program that was formerly offered at the Grouard Alberta Vocational College, which later became Northern Lakes College.

The original purpose of the Northern Lakes College Native Cultural Arts Museum was twofold; to promote a better understanding and education of Aboriginal arts and designs, and to create a space to showcase the creative achievements of students from the Native Cultural Arts and Design Program. Over time, this initiative grew to become an integral part of the Northern Lakes College Mandate.