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Strategic Planning
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The Town of High Prairie and Big Lakes County have completed an Inter-municipal Development Plan (IDP). This process provides an opportunity for collaboration on matters important to both the Town and County including service provision, land use, environmental protection, and future development patterns.

The objectives of the IDP are:

  • Comply with all IDP requirements;
  • Engage with community members and stakeholders in all parts of the project;
  • Identify options for service provision between the County and Town;
  • Identify future land uses for the IDP area and establish regulations for inter-municipal referrals.

The Town of High Prairie has operated under the direction of Council's approved Capital and Operational Business planning for the past 10 years. The plans are based on Council's priorities reflecting input of our administration, residents, and businesses through public feedback during the planning process and election period, as well as other means.

The need to create Capital and Operational business plans is based on a strong economic growth that is preceded to take place. The need to provide infrastructure enhancements to continue to meet the communities need, the need to facilitate economic development with commercial and light industrial diversification to create local employment opportunities; the continued provision of a safe and healthy community; an emphasis on sound fiscal management; promotion of good governance and organizational excellence. Contained within these strategic directions are key result areas that provide detailed objectives and direction.

The Business Plan provides a comprehensive approach to the community's current and anticipated challenges and opportunity over the next three years. The business plan directs the priority activities and services of the Corporation and continued to guide our community towards a promising future as a great place to live and work.

The Town of High Prairie is constantly re-evaluating the reports and maintain them with our evolving times and economic growth. If you would like to be involved with the Town of High Prairie planning process please contact the Legislative Clerk