Town of High Prairie Municipal Development Plan
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The Municipal Development Plan is the primary planning policy document for local governments in Alberta.  The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) provides direction for future change, growth and development within the Town of High Prairie.

In accordance with the Municipal Government Act, the MDP will address:

  • Future land use
  • Proposals for future development
  • Co-ordination with adjacent municipalities
  • Transportation
  • Municipal services and facilities
  • School and municipal reserves
  • Protection of agricultural operations
  • Land uses adjacent to sour gas facilities

In addition, the Municipal Government Act allows the MDP to address a number of other considerations, which this plan will consider as necessary for the Town of High Prairie.  

These include:

  • Coordination of physical, social and economic development
  • Environmental matters
  • Development constraints
  • Economic Development
  • Financing and programming of municipal infrastructure
  • Financial Resources

If you would like more information about the Town of High Prairie's Municipal Development plan click here