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Fire Permits
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Fire Pit/ Fire Permits

 The Town of High Prairie has established a by-law (14-2018 Section 11) that controls what type of open fires are allowable and safe to have in Town limits.

The reason for this by-law is to prevent fires from damaging yards or structures. Fires can be very destructive and can easily get out of control if measures are not in place to contain the fire.

The by-law has specifications and expectation set out for residents to follow so people can have a safe fire event. The fire event may be anything from a back-yard campfire in Town to a Town acreage brush pile or grass burning.

The fire permit lays out the expectations, responsibilities, and rules to follow when having a fire event. These are important to follow as it follows best practices. Contravening the permit my result in fines or costs if the fire gets out of control and you are responsible for the ignition.

Even though you have a permit, you are still held responsible to monitor the fire so that it does not get away from your control. The link below gives you access to the permit itself, the rules, expectations and responsibilities for fires or Fire Pits in Town limits.

The fire pit permit is good for life of property ownership. If the property is sold to another person, the new owner must re-apply for the permit inspection. Fire Pit Permits DO NOT need to be renewed each year.

Fire BURN permits are valid for a specified time only.

For FIRE BAN notifications, you can follow High Prairie Fire Department Facebook page or       Zoom to pick the TOWN OF HIGH PRAIRIE and you will find information that may answer your question.

 Enjoy your fire but always be safe.