Recall Petitions for Town Council
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Town of High Prairie Recall Petition Update

The Town of High Prairie did not receive any completed petitions as of the deadline Tuesday April 23, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. The councillors named in the petition, the petitioner, and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs have been notified. The members of Council who were subject to recalls were:

  1. Mayor Brian Panasiuk
  2. Councillor Donna Deynaka
  3. Councillor James Waikle

This declaration is in accordance with section 240.8(2) of the Municipal Government Act.


Alberta's Municipal Government Act (MGA) lets citizens recall a Council member through a recall petition process. Any active notice of recall petitions are listed below. A notice of recall petition that has been published on this page has been deemed compliant by the Town of High Prairie. 

For more information on a specific recall petition please contact the representative recall petitioner directly. A representative petitioner must provide contact information for this purpose. 

Recall Petitions

The Town of High Prairie has received notice of recall petitions against Mayor Brian Panasiuk,  Councillor Donna Deynaka and Councillor James Waikle. The notice of recall petitions have been reviewed and deemed compliant. The 60-day signature collection period will begin on Friday, February 23, 2024 and will end on Monday, April 22, 2024.

A petition is considered sufficient if it includes signatures from a minimum of 40 per cent of the Town's population. Only individuals who are eligible to vote for the elected official named in the notice of recall petition may sign the recall petition. The recall petitions will be measured against a population* of 2,564 which will require a total of 1026 signatures to be considered sufficient. 

For information on the active petition, please contact the representative recall petitioner.

Councillor NameRepresentative Recall PetitionerNotice of Recall PetitionDate ReceivedSignature Collection Period (60 Days)
Brian PanasiukDarcy Foster
Phone: 780-523-0570
Mayor Brian Panasiuk Notice of Recall PetitionFebruary 16, 2024February 23 - April 22, 2024
Donna DeynakaDarcy Foster
Phone: 780-523-0570
Councillor Donna Deynaka Notice of Recall PetitionFebruary 16, 2024February 23 - April 22, 2024
James WaikleDarcy Foster
Phone: 780-523-0570
Councillor James Waikle Notice of Recall PetitionFebruary 16, 2024February 23 - April 22, 2024

Note 1: The information on this website is provided for the convenience of reference only. Recall petitions are subject to further requirements in the Municipal Government Act. Those who wish to submit a recall petition are advised to refer to the MGA regarding the full extent of the requirements and obligations.

*Note 2: The Town has been directed by the Assistant Deputy Minister of Municipal Affairs that the population data to be used is the 2019 Municipal Affairs Population List numbers for all recall petitions. This now reflects the revised population numbers related to the recall petitions. Any inquiries on this matter may be directed to the Municipal Services Division at 780-427-2225.